ГоловнаArchive of numbers2021Volume 29, issue 2 (107)Manifestations of the adverse effects of drinkers on adults in microsocial environment
Title of the article Manifestations of the adverse effects of drinkers on adults in microsocial environment
Authors Linskiy Igor
Kuzminov Valerii
Minko Oleksandr
Kozhyna  Hanna
Grynevych Yevheniia
Ovcharenko Mykola
Chugunov Vadim
Postrelko Valentyn
Denysenko Mykhailo
Plekhov Vladyslav
Tkachenko Tetiana
Zadorozhnyi Volodymyr
Malykhina Nataliia
Minko Oleksiy
Lakynskyi Roman
Vasilyeva Olga
Yurchenko Olha
Year 2021 Issue Volume 29, issue 2 (107) Pages 5-13
Type of article Scientific article Index UDK 616.89-008.441.13:616-055.1(2):616-053.8 Index BBK -
Abstract DOI: https://doi.org/10.36927/2079-0325-V29-is2-2021-1 The purpose of the work is to study individual manifestations of adverse effects of drinking people on adults in their microsocial environment. In four regions of Ukraine (Kharkiv, Luhansk and Zaporizhzhia regions, as well as the city of Kyiv), during 2018—2020, 1742 people were examined, who belonged to three qualitatively different comparison groups: patients with alcohol dependence (393 people); healthy relatives of alcohol-dependent patients (274 people) and representatives of the general population (1075 people). Of these surveyed, respondents were identified who had drinkers in the environment: 481 people among healthy people and 69 people among patients with alcohol dependence. Further research focused on this particular contingent. The main research tool was the questionnaire of the international research consortium GENAHTO (Gender, Alcohol, and Harms to Others). The obtained data were processed by methods of mathematical statistics (variance and correlation analysis) on a computer using Excel 2016 computational tables (with the Data Analysis package). The dependences of the frequency of manifestations of the adverse effects of drinkers on adults in their microsocial environment on the age, gender and attitude to alcohol of the respondents were described, and it was found that the most vulnerable contingent in terms of the adverse effects of drinkers are elderly (> 59 years old) women. The conjugation between the mentioned manifestations was analyzed and the corresponding quantitative measure is proposed — the conjugation index (CI). It has been shown that CI can play the role of a marker of the severity of the situation around respondent, which is in microsocial environment of the drinking person.
Key words alcohol consumption, harm to others, manifestations of adverse effects, conjugation index
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