Volume 23, issue 3(84), 2015

Recommended for dissemination via the Internet by the Academic Council of SI "Institute of neurology, psychiatry and narcology of the NAMS of Ukraine" (protocol no. 12 dated 27 August, 2015)

pdf.png Dammann Gerhard
Posttraumatic stress Disorder — Challenging a mechanistic neuropsychological and monocausal etiological model
pdf.png Morozov P. V.
Alimov U.Kh.
Altynbekov S.A.
Voloshyn Petro
Galako T.I.
Evsegneev R. A.
Ismayilov N. V.
Kozhyna  Hanna
Korostiy Volodymyr
Maruta Natalia
Neznanov N. G.
Skugarevskiy O. A.
Soghoyan A.
Khodjaeva N. I.
Hotineanu M.A.
Vocational preparation of psychiatrists in the countries of Eastern Europe zone WPA: problems and solutions
pdf.png Maruta Natalia
Markova Marianna
The information in psychological war as a new challenge of our time: state of the problem and directions of its overcoming
pdf.png Vasylovskyi Vitalii
Voloshyna Natalia
Negreba Tetiana
Pisotska Kseniia
Efficiency of natalizumab (tysabri) in patients with multiple sclerosis
pdf.png Voloshyn-Gaponov Ivan
Fedoseiev Sergey
Vazhova Olena
Impairments of a mineral density of osseous tissue in patients with hepatocerebral dystrophy
pdf.png Grymailo Valeriia
Cardiovascular risk factors evaluation in patients with epilepsy
pdf.png Demchenko Alina
Abramov Andrii
Bobrova Valentyna
Protein S100β eff ect as a marker of early chronical cerebral ischemia diagnostics
pdf.png Tretiakov Dmytro
Infl uence of hereditary epilepsy on the occurrence of epilepsy in children
pdf.png Fedoseiev Sergey
Nazarchuk Iryna
Causes and pathogenetic aspects vertebral refl ex neurological syndromes viewpoint of problems (literature review)
pdf.png Yavorska Valentyna Oleksiivna
Khvysiuk Viktoriia
Bondar Oksana Borysivna
Hrebeniuk Hanna Vitaliivna
Pelekhova Olga Leonidivna
Clinical and pathomorphological collation of diff erent subtypes of ischemic stroke
pdf.png Vovk Victoriia
Adaptation disorders: gender aspect
pdf.png Viun Valery
Problem of adaptation of doctors-interns to professional activity in modern conditions
pdf.png Grigoryan Artur
Psychopathogenetic models of aff ective disorders in patients suff ering from addictive pathology
pdf.png Zhupanova Daria
Improvement of compliance in patients with depression (integrated system of therapy and evaluation of its effectiveness)
pdf.png Zilberblat Gennadii
The reforms of the mental health service through the prism of the substance abuse problems
pdf.png Kozhyna  Hanna
Korostiy Volodymyr
Rezunenko Oleg
Modern view on the issue of bipolar aff ective disorder (clinicalpsychopathological characteristics and effi ciency of psychoeducation in the complex therapy)
pdf.png Kushnir Anatolii
The features of social functioning under schizophrenic patients corresponds the special public danger
pdf.png Mishyyev Vyacheslav
Blazhevych Yuliya
The methodological approaches in relation to research of structural-dynamic features the affective disorders in the patients with the fi rst psychotic episode and their therapy
pdf.png Osokina Olga
Principles of formation of an anti-stigma orientation towards patients with mental disorders in medical students
pdf.png Pshuk Nataliia
Features of psychoemotional changes in patients with occupational respiratory pathology and pathology of peripheral nervous system
pdf.png Shapovalov Valentyn
Sosin Ivan
Komar Liliia
Pharmacoeconomic assessment of the developed method to provide pharmaceutical correction of the alcohol withdrawal syndrome in the structure of alcohol dependence
pdf.png Yaroslavtsev Serhii
Prognostic predictors formation of comorbid mental and behavioral disorders in schizophrenia (etiopathogenetic, sociodemographic and general clinical aspects)
pdf.png Burchynskyi Sergiy
Asthenic syndrome and cerebrovascular pathology: possibilities of pathogenetic pharmacotherapy
pdf.png In memory of Ivan Mykhailovych Skalyha